When I started as a freelance in 2009 in Paris, I didn’t have to worry about how to find my clients and qualify the projects that came to me.

Through internships and jobs I held before I could get leads through the various contacts that I kept. It was already qualified projects : people who passed me the leads would not send me crappy projects or inconclusive contacts.

But after a year, this sales channel has finally run out. Stress helping, I felt like an impostor and I thought of all those people who had advised me to become freelance: Had reason they did so?

Unfortunately when seeking advice, you find tactics like this:

  Register yourself on a platform as freelancer, codeur, …

  Do not hesitate to make subcontracting, it will give you visibility.

  Working with small budgets, you will see it will do you references.

  Do not hesitate to give your personal phone number and answer any time of day or night.

Unfortunately, these tactics are ineffective except defining yourself as cheap, invisible and always available.

These tactics do not address the root problem :

  How do I raise my rates ?

  What is my added value to my clients ?

  How to avoid that customers consider your services as common ?

  How to position yourself and have a good copywriting ?

  Who are my ideals clients ?

  And so on…

Let me help you to increase your sales revenues with less clients !

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